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We’re an experienced managed IT services provider in Austin that businesses of all sizes depend on. Our IT support company offers organizations a full suite of onsite and digital solutions. As a vendor who will always have your back, we have built a sterling reputation throughout the years. Not only does the quality of our solutions speak for itself, but we are also committed to our customer’s results and success. We strive to take a customer-focused, proactive approach to solving problems.

Whether it be a hardware or software issue, when something breaks, any amount of downtime can hurt the bottom line. Our goal is to save clients time and money, while maximizing system uptime. Handling computer networks means more than being just a phone call away when something breaks. Getting all systems back up and running quickly should be a top priority. Professional certified engineers actively monitor all networks, so they are protected before any threats can become huge issues.

Results-Driven IT Service Solutions

As one of the most reputable providers around, our clients are safeguarding their infrastructure from any potential concerns that may arise in the future. We want to give them the peace of mind that we will overcome any technical complications with speed and ease. With our dedicated team on the job, downtime is minimized. Not only that, but we also take the necessary steps to reduce future problems. A business leader’s efforts should be focused on important operational matters, not computer and technology headaches. Leave that up to us!

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Fully Managed Services

We provide comprehensive solutions for any sized organization. Keeping a business running involves an immense amount of work. Oftentimes, there are just simply not enough hours in the day to do it all by yourself. However, that is where NBIT shines. A complete suite of technology applications operate in the background to minimize disruption and downtime. Through a combination of proactive anticipation and maintenance, we help organizations:

  • Oversee infrastructure and hardware.
  • Resolve issues and restore systems after break-down.
  • Anticipate and mitigate online risks.
  • Troubleshoot connectivity and load/capacity problems.
  • Install or update essential software.

IT Consultants That Engineer Technology

A comprehensive plan can help any organization make sure their employees and resources are achieving maximum productivity. Enjoy the benefits of a ‘corporate style’ tech department without the extraordinary costs. Above all, NBIT can provide the essential budgeting, implementation and guidance required at an affordable cost.

IT Company Providing Advanced Business Solutions

Transition away from the break-fix mentality. For example, many businesses are not doing proactive maintenance of their computers, servers, or even their systems in general. In short, they do nothing, wait for it to break, and then call for help. They are setting themselves up for the ultimate failure. By partnering with NBIT, organizations can feel confident knowing that they are receiving the best possible solutions.

  • Dedicated, on-call professionals ready to solve all issues any time.
  • Multi-layered incident reporting for different levels of assistance.
  • Advanced malware and virus protection.
  • Network security solutions.
  • Mobile device management.

When the time comes, just give us a call. Our team is available 24/7. We are always around to examine software or hardware concerns and come up with a sure-fire solution that works the first time. Not only that, but we also make sure the same issue does not happen again and again. We don’t rest until the job is done!

Managed Services Provider
Network Support & Managed IT Services


Co-network management has become quite popular. All the way from small to mid-sized businesses to large corporations, these solutions are where the future is headed. This is mainly because it offers the benefits of extending a technical department, without actually having to maintain a full-blown in-house team. In addition, a significant amount of resources is at your disposal to assist with all technology needs.

If an organization prefers to maintain most of the control over its systems, but lacks the personnel and the equipment to handle it all, a co-solution may just be the ideal program to implement.

In addition, the real advantage is that everything is customizable. For example, an external provider might supply the servers and hosting, while an internal staff may work on the desktops and end-user experience. Moreover, some of the more advanced processes, such as high-availability solutions, performance analysis, and replication, can all be overseen by NBIT. As a result, this frees up employees to take care of the day-to-day issues.

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