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The Importance of Using a VPN

With more and more business activities going digital, internet security continues to become a growing concern. Keeping online activity secure requires more than just internet security software. Have you ever taken note of the number of digital traces left behind when you’re simply surfing the web? Device type, location, IP address and more – all this information can be accessed by third parties.

A virtual private network (VPN) has become a must have for businesses and individuals alike. VPN servers can be located in multiple countries providing anonymity. High-capacity VPNs allow for a large volume of traffic on the network.

What is a VPN?

Virtual private networks offer anonymous internet connectivity. This is most often used to keep individuals’ personal information private from any prying eyes. However, a VPN can also be applied to business networks for better privacy and security. A VPN can work with a company’s internal network or when accessing public internet service.

How do VPNs Benefit Businesses?

A VPN can shield your internet protocol address (IP) and encrypt any data being shared virtually. There have been many viral news stories about hackers targeting high profile businesses and accessing private data. An added layer of protection can save a company’s public reputation and keep trust levels high.

Connecting Multiple Business Branches

For businesses with multiple branches in different locations, a VPN protects inter-branch communications and data transfer. End to end encryption ensures that no prying eyes can see your information.

VPNs and Virtual Operations

A private server can be configured to allow access to parties located offsite so that all participants can join the network securely. If employees working off site access company data over a public internet connection without a VPN, they are potentially allowing hackers to access company servers by piggy-backing on their connection.

Mobile Devices

As mobile devices continue to be more versatile, more of us engage in some kind of business-related work on our mobile devices in addition to traditional computers. VPNs can be configured for mobile devices so your team can link into the network on the go.

Additional Security Features

When multiple computers are connected on the same local area (LAN) network, other users on the same network can potentially view sensitive data, activity, and information on other individual’s computers. Using a VPN keeps every individual secure and private.

Another desirable security feature is what is called a “kill switch.” If for some reason the VPN becomes disabled, the automatic kill switch can instantly suspend all network activity to keep hackers out. Activity can then commence when security is restored.

Anonymity When Using Public Networks

For an extra layer of safety while using open networks in public places, we recommend using a VPN. Whether you’re at a coffee shop, library, or airport – your connection remains secure. Make sure to stay protected with a VPN next time you’re hopping on a free network.

Bottom Line

Staying safe online is essential for businesses with a virtual workforce. Investing in a reliable VPN is an important step to help protect your digital security. A VPN can help to ensure your business remains protected against cyber threats!

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