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Innovative services to create a better IT experience for your Converse business.

Managed IT Services & Business Technology Support

NBIT offers cybersecurity, managed IT services, disaster recovery and more to small and mid-sized organizations throughout Converse and the surrounding area. It’s our goal to provide enterprise-level solutions to the small business sector, with small business prices. Our expertise has allowed us to build and refine the infrastructure needed to keep our prices reasonable and our clients up and running. We can assist with expert guidance on specific solutions, as well as assist with creating and implementing a complete IT plan for your entire business.

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Increased Uptime

With our business continuity & cloud solutions, you’ll benefit from less downtime and enhanced productivity.

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Unparalleled Cybersecurity

With around-the-clock protection and on-demand support, we make sure all issues are resolved within hours, if not minutes.

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Better Savings

Our end-to-end process ensures that your spending results in company growth, not expenses.


Our Converse, TX
IT & Cybersecurity Services

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Converse Cybersecurity Services

When it comes to cybersecurity services for Converse organizations, NBIT understands the need to defend clients from both internal and outside threats. Our solutions provide cutting edge protection for your organization. The innovative approach we have created out-smarts digital threats and hackers, and is trusted by top companies and government organizations.

Our cybersecurity team leads from the front and is always a step ahead. From ransomware and malware to phishing scams and brute force attacks, hackers are continually refining their methods to achieve their objectives. To help protect your organization better, we offer a complete suite of advanced cybersecurity solutions. In addition, our protection plans and around-the-clock monitoring can notify you before a threat can wreak havoc on your systems.

Managed IT Services

Your search for a managed IT services provider in Converse who always has your back is over. Not only does the quality of our services speak for itself, but we are also dedicated to your results and success. We take a proactive approach to IT, solving issues before they can happen. Our goal is to save you time and money while maximizing system uptime.

Handling your IT needs means more than being just a phone call away when something goes wrong. Our cybersecurity professionals continually monitor your network, so your company is safeguarded before any threats surface. By teaming up with one of the most reputable MSPs in the Converse area, you are protecting your systems from any possible issues that might arise later on. We aim to give our customers the peace of mind that we will overcome any technical problems with speed and ease.

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Co-managed IT Services

For businesses of all sizes in Converse, co-managed solutions are where the future is headed. Co-managed IT offers the benefits of extending your IT staff without having to maintain a full in-house team. If your organization prefers to maintain the majority of control over its IT but lacks the staff and the tools to handle everything, co-managed IT might be just what your business needs.

The real advantage of co-managed services is that everything is customizable. Moreover, some of the more advanced processes such as high-availability solutions, performance analysis, and replication, can all be managed by NBIT. This helps free up your employees to take care of the day-to-day problems.

Converse IT Support

Tired of dealing with unreliable and slow IT support with your current vendor in Converse? Maybe an unresponsive provider that just doesn’t seem to get it? Time is money! These problems can, and will, hurt business.

No matter if it’s a hardware or software issue, when something breaks, any amount of downtime can hurt your organization’s bottom line. Restoring your systems swiftly should be a top priority.

With our IT experts on the job, downtime is minimized. We also take necessary steps to reduce future issues. A business leader’s efforts should be focused on important operational matters, not computer and IT problems. Leave that up to us!

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Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing services are part of just about every business today. Whether it is Microsoft Office, Google services, or any of the other available digital services, you are already utilizing a cloud-based service for at least some of your company’s requirement. Cloud applications enable your employees to access your company’s data from anywhere.

Cloud solutions allow you to free up office space, reduce expenses, and reduce cooling and storage costs – all while seeing productivity surge. Whether or not you have a traditional set up, NBIT can help you take the next steps and benefit from all of the great things a cloud platform has to offer.

Business Continuity Planning

If your business uses computers, it is susceptible to a ransomware attack or hard drive failure that can result in data loss. Fortunately, here at NBIT, we have sophisticated business continuity planning services that will help restore your company’s data in case of a disaster. With that in mind, you will have peace of mind that everything is not always lost!

Our experts back up all your server information and stores it bit-by-bit in a secure format. In the event of an outage or disaster, your downtime is limited to minutes and not days. As a result, you will always have the ability to restore any files you need within a matter of seconds!

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IT Compliance Services

NBIT’s IT compliance services address compliance and regulatory issues proactively. As new and more aggressive enforcement is combined with economic uncertainty and a slew of new laws and requirements, ensuring that your company is not affected by compliance issues is more essential than ever. Companies today must adhere to multiple government rules and regulations, and NBIT’s IT compliance expertise help your organization properly handle these specific requirements.

We don’t just help your business stay compliant, we also help you reach and exceed the industry standards. Small businesses and large corporations may be unable to address these issues with internal resources, or may be unaware of new or existing regulations. Our tailored IT compliance and regulatory processes are specific to each company’s needs. We can help your company meet any requirements necessary – quick and headace-free.

Business VoIP Services

On-premise phone systems can be costly to purchase and tricky to manage. Fortunately, we have developed our custom hosted business VoIP service for ease of use, and it has all the features you need from various major business phone system providers. VoIP provide the affordable communication solutions your employees deserve.

With VoIP, employees can work from any location on any device seamlessly over our private network, eliminating the reliance on outdated phone lines. A digital phone number isn’t hardwired to a single phone line in the office, so your team can work from anywhere with the tools they need around the clock. Not only will NBIT’s business VoIP services help your organization save on expenses, but they will help your staff in providing high-quality service!

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Business IT Support for All Industries Throughout Converse, TX

Businesses of all types are frustrated by the high costs and growing complexity of their infrastructure.

Our team of experts delivers cost-effective, sensible solutions, while continually identifying improvements. As a result, operations are streamlined, your staff is more productive, and even better, more money is being saved. With over a decade of experience, we have extensive knowledge in solving IT problems. Most importantly, clients trust us based on our track record of rapid and affordable results.







Custom Services
for Every Budget

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Our expert team of specialists will assess your current infrastructure, communications, applications, devices and more, to create a customized plan for your specific organization. Our affordable and effective services offer incredibly simple and beneficial solutions. We advise on the best course of action to solve all IT-related issues and problems.

In addition, our goal is to streamline your entire system environment, ensure proactive security, and use scalable solutions to transform and optimize your company’s operations.

24/7 IT Support

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We use our industry expertise to provide customized services. By partnering with our team, you will see exactly how we can help take your business into the future. With our 24/7 on-demand support services, you can rest assured all issues are taken care of day or night.

By using effective strategies and solutions we can craft a plan of action that will boost productivity and boost revenue. As a cutting-edge firm, we look for innovative paths to keep your company at the forefront of your industry while eliminating downtime.

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